Imagine a sea of people, all moving forward in the same direction. All trying to get ahead of each other and stand out. All trying to be insiders by beating other outsiders to the finish line that would crown them the most popular, the most cool, the most recognized — because they think that’s what will give them meaning.

The more they move forward, the more they find themselves lost in the crowd. All of the sudden, one person has the courage to stop. The crowd parts around them like water rushing around a rock in the middle of the river. They turn around and face the other way. They realize they have what they need right where they are, as who they are. This is where they want to be. By stopping and being who they are, where they are, they end up standing out.

Other people take notice. Suddenly that one person isn’t alone in stopping. More people have realized that they are happy just as they are, without trying to chase something else. They realize they actually aren’t on the outside looking in, trying to fit in. They are already inside. They already fit in if they don’t try to fit someone else.

That’s how it is in Downtown Garland.

While other people and other districts are all trying to be the most hip, the most cool, the most new — we just are. That’s how we stand out: by going against the grain. Not chasing, not trying to be anything we aren’t, not asking you to either.

Downtown Garland inspires people to simply be themselves. To realize they already are cool, they already are enough. In a world where we are all aspiring to be more, simply being ourselves is a change. And it’s refreshing.

Here, you are surrounded by others who are all different, diverse, and just being themselves. You realize you’re no longer competing. I’m not trying to be more you. You’re not trying to be more me. You already belong. You already fit in.

We want people to say, “Downtown Garland is just…me!”


Our primary mark represents the Downtown square as well as the surrounding area that makes up all of Downtown Garland. Communicating that Downtown is more than just the square is a really big part of the approach.

The L in “Garland” completes the outer square. This is a cool easter egg and a clever detail when you see it.

This mark can and should be used in all of the brand colors to represent the energy, excitement and diversity in our district.


There will be some cases when people need to specifically reference the square. Oftentimes this will be when promoting an event or activity that takes place at the square. This is when we use the “On the Square” mark.


This mark let’s people show off their pride in Downtown and sense of belonging to it (whether that someone is a resident, visitor, or business owner). It enables our diverse people to claim ownership of Downtown and share it with the world.