Follow along with the branding process and watch Episode 1 of the project documentary!

We began Phase I of the project with a virtual kickoff meeting and 1on1s with key stakeholders. After an initial visit to downtown so we could get the lay of the land and experience it for ourselves, we met with the branding committee again to narrow in on the district’s personality and aspirations through a virtual card sorting exercise.

From there, we worked with the committee to identify the groups and individuals we need to engage with to understand the way downtown fits into their life and the vision they have for it. Our process is all about being equitable, so we developed a list of a wide variety of people — different backgrounds, ages, and experiences in Garland and downtown.

A key component of the project engagement is through the activation of 506 Art with a project engagement pop up shop. In Episode 1 you can see the beginnings of that planning process.

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