Incentive Programs


In Downtown Garland, we’re writing the next great chapters in the 130-year history of our beloved city. We are a city that’s proudly Texan and also a true global city, welcoming a melting pot of amazing people as North Texas continues to grow. We welcome you to explore the downtown district as the destination for your business. The Downtown Development Organization aids new businesses through incentive programs that will put you on a platform to succeed.


A brighter future means turning aging properties into showcases of vintage architecture with modern flair. Multiple businesses, from restaurants and entertainment venues to salons and boutiques have used our Downtown Revitalization Program to build the Garland of tomorrow while becoming more profitable today. Learn more about our innovative partnership with area entrepreneurs to rehabilitate properties and build businesses that thrive.


Garland Is Fun

The city of the firewheel is waiting for you with a downtown experience that’s both modern and retro, reflecting what makes Texas so great. Chill out with a beer, browse a vintage shop, or play a rare guitar. Music, art, food, green space, and a diverse group of people in pursuit of happiness converge for a uniquely fun experience for all who wander our streets.

Garland Is Inclusive

Our community welcomes free thinkers, artists, dreamers, and people who don’t fit into the status quo. Why? Because Garland is a place for EVERYONE to feel at home. If you’re looking for your happy place, you’ve found it in Downtown Garland.


Garland Is Growing

The secret is out— Downtown Garland is a vibe! Our community is growing every single day, with new ventures launching all the time. Whether you’re a longtime resident who hasn’t visited downtown in a while or an entrepreneur looking for the perfect place to start your business, we think you should visit Downtown Garland and see what the fuss is all about.

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