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Scoop ‘N Buns


In the spring of 2021, Zoya Elsisura felt the gravitational pull of Downtown Garland, as she was seeking a life change after a long nursing career. “I’d always enjoyed baking as a hobby, so I could bring joy to my friends and family, and then to bring in some extra money,” she recalls.

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As the pandemic wound down and Zoya dealt with the strain felt by many of her colleagues in healthcare, that life change arrived in the form of Downtown Garland’s Mexipino ice cream and churro shop, the now-legendary Scoop ‘N Buns. In partnership with her husband, landscaping entrepreneur Gerardo Hernandez, Zoya seized on the vibe of Downtown Garland, a place that spoke to her soul in its potential.

“Gerardo and I wanted to create something special in a special place. Downtown needed something cool to attract people that we saw going to Plano, Dallas, and other more established places. We knew that if we opened a cool, hand-dipped ice cream shop, it would help Downtown Garland come alive.”

Zoya and Gerardo have created an ice cream experience that you really can’t find anywhere else, a place where the flavors connect her Filipino upbringing and his Mexican heritage. The result is a natural fusion of flavors that reflect the Spanish influence of both countries. 

Now in year three of their Scoop ‘N Buns adventure, the happy couple is dreaming big again. In the summer of 2023, Zoya and Gerardo are adding to Downtown Garland’s cool factor with an aptly named cafe, Scoop ‘N Boba. The new shop will feature a variety of the popular bubble teas and the couple’s famous pastry desserts, sure to delight Garland residents and out-of-towners alike.

Our first serial “downtownpreneurs” think that Downtown Garland’s future is bright. “We thought downtown was a hidden gem, ready to come alive, and it’s happening,” Zoya says with enthusiasm. “The vibe here is everything you want in a downtown district–it’s entrepreneurial, creative, and diverse. The people here are special.”



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